Friday, April 27, 2012

The living is easy

Good Morning loves! It's Friday and I'm really looking forward to the weekend, going out with some girlfriends, and then it's my mom's birthday so I'm taking her so we can get pedicures and  then out for dinner Sunday evening.
I got sent this beautiful bracelet from anjolee in the mail this week and was so excited. It's gorgeous, with little green gemstones which I asked for because it's my birthstone and I don't have any jewellery with my birthstone in it. They do custom jewellery so you can basically make any piece unique to what you'd like. They have a great selection of diamond bracelets, stud earrings as well as bangle bracelets the perfect thing to add a little sparkle to any look. 
It was so gorgeous earlier this week, it's cold and wet now but for a moment it felt like spring and I even busted out one of my favourite summer dresses I got last year. It's the perfect thing for a warm day! Hopefully we have more of those coming our way soon...
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Outfit: Dress-Dots, shoes/ring-payless, Bag-U.O., Necklace-Gift, Bracelet-Anjolee


  1. Looking cute as always! I am glad you are already rocking the summer look... no more winter!

    Ill have to check out that jewellery store when Im back in Edmonton, it sounds sweet.

    and Happy Birthday to your mom!!

  2. I'm also looking forward to the weekend! More than usual. Your plans sound a lot more exciting than mine, but whatever. So nice of you to take your momma for a pedicure. I have to figure out what I'm doing for her on Mother's Day. It's coming up quick here.

    Love the outfit, of course of course of course. Love the jewels, too. I think I'd like Anjolee if they had one down here.

  3. Such a pretty bracelet - and I think I've mentioned this before but I just love your yellow nail polish, it's such a statement color.

    Courtney ~

  4. You and Duke are the cutest things ever!!! Great dress, you look so summery :)

  5. love that cute dress!!

    xo Nav

  6. Okay, you have got the cutest collection of dresses!
    Love this one too, and that green bag is my favorite <3

    Trendy Teal

  7. amazing outfit!!love it!

  8. That last photo...melt my heart adorable! Gosh I would love to wear a cute little strappy dress like that right now. Simply gorgeous and perfect for spring. Sounds like a fun weekend cut out for you...pedicures sounds like the best gift. Have fun darling! xx Marisa

  9. Yay for pedicures + girlfriends... I'm off to do the same this week! And ah, this dress is so beautiful & you look gorgeous in it. Hope your weekend is fab! xo

  10. I am quite smitten with your blog, I must admit. You are a beautiful girl with amazing talent. Wonderful post love! I would really love it if you could check out my latest posts!


  11. your yellow nails are always the best <3

  12. What a gorgeous summer dress Jenna.
    Sounds like a great weekend! Have a wonderful time with your Mum xo

  13. I love that dress! It's cute and it's a really flattering cut :)

  14. this dress is so pretty...i love the all black (or navy, i think!). dark palettes can be refreshing sometimes, too. pretty bracelet, too! i like the custom features anjolee offers.

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  15. Love the anjolee bracelet. It's so simple and elegant. Also, I am in love with your dress, the embroidered flowers are so pretty.


Thank you for the love!