Monday, March 26, 2012

White and Bright

Hello loves!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, mine was good, went down to Calgary on friday night to visit with some friends and it was just what I needed, it's been a rough week/month. Thank you for the comments on my post yesterday too :)
This is what I wore down to Calgary to visit and go out with some friends. My one friends is a wonderful photographer so I got to play around with his flash set up! So much fun and makes me want a fancy flash tooooo. I picked up this bright orange skirt from H&M last week for only $7, I was standing in line and this bright skirt caught my eye and I when I spotted the price I knew I had to have it. I can't wait for summer to wear with without tights on a hot summer's day. It has pockets!!  
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Outfit: Top/Skirt-H&M, Belt-Army and Navy, Bracelets- Aldo, Tights-Payless


  1. I hope you had a good weekend...I love the photos, and the bright skirt is a really great piece!

    Courtney ~

  2. building up your small photo studio is easy and a great idea. sounds like you had a good weekend. love the skirt.


  3. yay this first pic looks pretty professional! Very good :)

  4. Great photos! Love the stripes with the bright orange skirt! H & M has some great sales going on right now.

  5. I am sooooooooooooo sorry to hear about your puppy friend...that is such a hard thing to deal with, esp in the middle of an already burdensome time of life. I hope you will be able to move forward and keep the sweet memories you have <3

    Love your pretty may be having a hard time, but you look just as beautiful as ever :)

    <3 cambria

  6. I want your skirt. It is perfect for spring!
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  7. You look super cute, Jenna! I love the skirt, and the tank is so fun... Perfect for spring, if it ever decides to get here!

    And sorry to read about your dog, that's so sad... Losing a pet is like losing a family member, so I know how you must be feeling. Thinking of you, my pretty! xx

  8. Of course, this outfit is totally something I would love. (: I dig the stripes with the red skirt for sure!

  9. This is beautiful Jenna! Loving the pop of red, and the photos turned out amazingly - you look stunning! Sorry to hear about your Taz too, my pup is getting along in terms of age and we're starting to think about it too. I can only imagine what you must be going through - hope you're managing to do okay despite it :)

    Alex xoxo

  10. love this! black and white stripes and bright red are just made for each other, aren't they? adore that top especially!

  11. Love the colour of your skirt!

  12. pocketed dresses/skirts are the bestest! I can sneak candies in them! :) Love the color of the skirt, btw! very bright and fun.
    ♥ laura
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  13. Nice photos! I know there's an H&M here, which is a treat because the nearest one back home is three hours away. This post reminds me I still need to stop there. You look great in this color!

  14. Looks like it is warm in Calgary? I like the combination of the stripes tank top and the red!

  15. I wish we had H&M here!
    Love this combination :)
    Hopefully this week will be a better week xo

  16. Hi Jenna, these photos are wonderful and that skirt is such a great find! they are perfect for summer. Also, I'm sorry to hear abut your dog. It's sad. A few weeks ago, we had to give our dog up for adoption because's he's grown too big for us to handle. we miss him too.
    have a good week Jenna!

    cheers, Carla

  17. Stunning Miss! I love the lighting in these photographs - makes the skirt look like an insane shade of orange. Amazing.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  18. Hattitude Style Blog

    ahh the flash looks great. that would really come in handy for our cold canadian winters for taking outfit posts! i'll have to invest in one maybe for this year!

    ack don't you just love those steals at h & m for 7$...and orange? one of my fav colours! wicked.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  19. Love anything with pockets, and the bright orange is super fun
    xo Cara

  20. Gorgeous photos! I absolutely love the lighting and it really makes the orange pop.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. We had to put my dog down last year and it was one of the hardest things... And he was only 7. So be really thankful for all the years you had with your pup and all the amazing memories!! They stay in our hearts forever, that's for certain.

    Xo Chelle

  21. You look so cute! I love that skirt... it's such a cute color AND has pockets. :)

  22. Seriously. Again with the mind-reading. I LOVE the lighting in these photos. That last shot is stunning. xo

  23. So nice and summery. These indoor pictures look great too!


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