Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Warm me up!

Hey Loves!! I hope your week is going better than mine. I'm stressed and hopefully things will start going better after today, I won tickets to see 21 jump street before it comes out. So tonight me and my brother and best friend are off to see it, hopefully its good for a laugh!
These are from when it was super snowy (obviously) and cold and gross out. I didn't take many pictures when it was crappy out because after taking pictures in the cold so many times I've had enough! I got this denim dress that has red piping along the middle and it's really cute. The ruffles along are what got really got me, it'll be so great with some sandals and no tights this summer. I kept things cozy with a red cardigan, black scarf and my warm boots.
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Outfit: Dress-Winners, Cardigan-?, Boots/tights-Payless, Ring/scarf-Ardene


  1. very pretty dress, I feel for you with the cold! It's finally getting warmer in England.. xx

  2. Red and chambray is so sweet and cute. Can't wait to post your guest's absolutely perfect, thanks again!

    <3 Cambria

  3. Hey i accidently stumbled across your blog while searching for another one. your style is great, casual yet so girly and cute. however the things i am smitten with (playing with your blog's name) are your funky nails and rings. I am very much into statement rings and yours are so fab. love the snake ring, i found a similar one a while ago but it looked weird on my childish fingers :( :( :(
    p.s the red cardigan is a nice pop of color. and don't you complain about the snow, here in Athens, Greece its freezing cold but we never get to see snow, so it sucks even more. snow at least is beautiful to look at and play with.
    ok enough with the tiringly long comment.
    loving your blog!! definetely one i will keep up with both by gfc and bloglovin.
    marianne of
    trying to stupidly promote my blog a bit, i wonder if you could check it out, and in case you find it even slightly interesting drop me a message. or follow. yeap. that would be awesome.
    hmmm we both have blogspots so i guess gfc is suitable, i bloglovin followed as well. i am still confused with the whole gfc thing. and i try to follow everyone by bloglovin as well and ask my readers to do the same

  4. omg you must have been freezing! I hate taking pictures in the cold. It's the worst!

  5. I just seriously want the winter to fuck off. I am so sick of snow and want to just wear spring clothes from now on. Having said that, you look beautiful in this red tone - I'm thinking it's one of your colours, as my mum likes to say. I am having a shitty week too but let's just hold onto the weekend girl! Then we are alllll good haha.

    Alex xoxo

  6. Oh my, you poor darling still freezing in the cold....I just loathe is so much. I could live in a place with only spring and summer and be totally happy. You should treat yourself to the best marshmallowy cup of hot cocoa to keep warm.
    Even in the frigid cold you still look stylish as ever. I love that dress so much Jenna!
    Stay warm and enjoy the movie:) xx Marisa

  7. That pop of neon yellow sure compensated for the snow:)

  8. ew snow. i don't know what i would do if it snowed right now. probably cry. i know it's still supposed to be winter around here, but... that's enough. at least you look lovely! that dress is marvelous with your red cardigan!

  9. denim and red is always nice the last picture. so cute, are those duke pawprints in the first pic?! lol.


    1. Haha! Yes they are, we had just gone for a little walk :)
      Thank you!!

  10. Such a cute little dress. That red cardigan looks perfect with it!

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