Friday, February 24, 2012

Double Dose of Gingham

Greetings from Vancouver my dears!! I landed wednesday night and met my brother at the airport. It's so nice to see him and it's even better to be in Vancouver where theres no snow! Green grass! These photos are obviously from before I left. And apparently it snowed in Edmonton today, sweet.
This dress is actually a purchase from Vancouver, about 3 years (and probably 5 trips) ago. I love gingham, and black and white, and who doesn't love a shirt dress?! The ruffles on the front are a great detail, although they need to be ironed. This jacket is even older, I bought it in 11th grade but still love it! Especially since the inside is gingham print too.
Also, if anyone is looking for a girls best friend (Diamonds, not Duke this time) you should check out Birks Canadian Diamonds they're gorgeous canadian diamonds. Who doesn't love things that are Canadian (like me!). I'm in the market for a pair of plain stud earrings to get me back into wearing earrings, how gorgeous are these ones?! Now if only I had the money!
Have a great weekend loves!:)
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Outfit: Dress-Urban(something, maybe just urban? Some random shop in Vancouver), Jacket-?, Tights/Shoes-Winners, Necklace-Gift


  1. I hope you're enjoying the trip - I adore the red jacket!

    Courtney ~

  2. double-plaid is so much fun! i want green grass :(

  3. Oh it definitely snowed here, you dodged a major bullet. Low of -17 this weekend... CAN'T WAIT! On a less grim note, I love your mixing of ginghams! Very cute.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  4. Love the double gingham! Cutie! Have fun on your trip love!
    <3 Kastles

  5. you always look so nice in gingham. love the red coat

  6. I love your shirt dress and red coat, the combination is lovely :)

  7. Aww that look is just too cute! :D
    Really love the dress

    xx Yunes

  8. super duper gingham! this is so fun! i have a dress with a ruffle down the entire front and it is a pain to iron, lol!

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  9. I love when you can get miles out of certain wardrobe pieces!

  10. Wonderful, timeless dress! It looks really great with the red jacket too :)

    I hope you have a fab time in Vancouver! xx

  11. Enjoy your trip to Vancouver Jenna & how fun that you are meeting up with the girls!! SO sorry I'll be missing it, it's one of those crazy busy Saturdays for Martin & I; however, I can't wait to see the photos and here all about it. And how adorable are you?! Love the gingham dress paired with the red coat, beautiful!! xo V

  12. Cute post!
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    Thanks sweetie!

  13. That's an excellent amount of gingham.

  14. supa dupa cute! I love gingham in any amount <3


  15. cute, beautiful pics!

    Hope you visit, and follow me if you like it dear:<3

    Have a nice wknd!

  16. I love it when you can own something for ages and it can still look good, which it does by the way! And I think red is definitely one of "your colours"!


  17. Wow you looks perfect! love your style!!!

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    The Spotted Cherry Pie

    Have a nice day!

  18. I love gingham :) It's such a fun and simple print. Love the dress!!

  19. Nice post! Check my blog and follow me if you want!

  20. Ah Vancouver..I've always dreamed of going!! Gingham is one of my favorites..that i don't quite own enough of. I am adoring that jacket to pieces and the way it looks with the black and white of your dress. You always have such fun and adorable ensembles...this one is no exception:) Enjoy your time in Vancouver darling gal!! xx Marisa

  21. Your gingham dress is super cute with that awesome red jacket! I always appreciate a cute lining in a jacket too, so I'm really liking yours!


Thank you for the love!