Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hello dears, I hope your weeks are going well. I've come down with the flu, I am feeling sooo crappy. I missed University yesterday but am dragging my poor butt to school today. Lots of tea, tylonol, and juice! It doesn't help that it's so so cold out (-25 celcius, ew)
This is somethihng I wore to school last week (when it was much nicer out still), I had misplaced my black scarf last week so I just quickly picked up a few cheap ones at Ardene until I could find it again. Well I saw this blush coloured one and knew I had to have it, such a pretty shade! I really love this striped skirt but it seems to have lost some of it's shape, any ideas what to do with somethhing that had pleats and has lost the hold of them? I do love the stripes with my teeny heart shaped tights my brother got me for christmas!
PS. I started a Facebook page for my blog!! Check it out :)
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Outfit: Tights/skirt-AA, Top-F21, Scarf-Ardene, Boots-mom


  1. I hope you start feeling better! Love the outfit on you!

  2. Sorry you're feeling sick - that blows! I hope you get better soon and, in the meantime, I'm off to visit the Facebook page!

    Courtney ~

  3. Feel better! Make sure you're taking vitamin C! I love your stripes, and that blush-colored scarf! I'd love to find that color yarn and make one!


  4. Oh my.... are those tiny little hearts on your nylons? I'm in love! I night have to steal those from you. Adorable styling!


  5. Ah sorry you're sick! This darn prairie weather will do that to us! I love this look - the colour of the scarf is really beautiful.

  6. hope you feel better soon jenna! i love the skirt, maybe take it to the dry cleaners? they might know what to do? you're right though, the hue of the scarf is so pretty :) and wrap up warm if you have a cold! i thought it was cold in londonnnnn!! xxx

  7. Aw hope you feel better love! It seems like everyone's getting sick, I was feeling a bit under the weather this morning myself. I guess it's the best time to get sick though, better when the weather is miserable anyway! Love this look, is that skirt AA? I really wanted one from there that looked just like it and passed up and always regretted it. Also loving the blush tone on you, so great with your colouring and hair.

    Alexandra xo

    1. It is from AA!! I love it, my mom actually got it for me in the summer for my birthday :)

  8. love the skirt and the snood!

  9. I love your scarf! And your striped skirt. Sorry you're sick. The flu sucks. Get rest and get better soon!

  10. Love your outfit! Particularly your skirt!

  11. Your skirt is amazing!

  12. absolutely love that skirt with the pretty pink scarf!!! amazing.

  13. That chunky scarf is just gorgeous & it's such a great colour.
    Hope you feel better soon hun xo

  14. I love that skirt and with the scarf it looks gorgeous :) Boo I hope you feel better though, having the flu is thoroughly miserable! xx

  15. Love the shape of that skirt, so pretty!
    Hope you feel better soon,

    xo Cara

  16. I totally effing squealed when I saw these pictures. I just love your outfits so much. And you. And the fact that we live in basically the same climate, so I can relate. It's like, -25C here right now. NO BUENO. I'm sorry to hear you're sick. Take care, drink hot chocolate, have some soup, and do nothing. ENJOY.

  17. oh i hope you feel better soon!!!! i just recovered from a nasty cold and it is awful in the cold weather drink lots of hot chocolate and dont do very much :) I love your striped skirt and the colour of your scarf is gorgeous!!!

  18. If you figure out how to get pleats back into your skirt, pleas share the secret - I have a skirt that has completely lost its shape and I have no idea how to fix it :( Yours still looks like it's in great shape, I love the nautical stripes and that blush scarf really is perfect. Hope you feel better soon!

  19. Aw hope you are feeling better soon. Colds are no fun. Get plenty of rest...I always take a couple Nyquil and plenty of vitamin c and sleep as long as I possible can...seems like I recuperate faster this way. Adoring those tights and stripe skirt. You have some of the best scarves and always know how to work them perfectly into your outfits.

  20. such a cool outfit!:)..i understand why you got this scarf ,its just so pretty..
    hope you get better soon..
    take care

  21. Aw the tiny hearts look so nice with your striped skirt. I really love the color of your scarf too.
    That sucks that you got the flu. I hope you start feeling better soon! Tea is one of my feel-better things too. It always seems to help.


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