Sunday, November 6, 2011

Casual Sunday

It's been a very busy weekend and a super busy sunday, so this is going to be quick, I'm in a food break between studying and going off to play soccer :) this is a casual look I wore to go to work/study today. My mustard cardigan, which I absolutely love with a lace tank top, black jeans and leopard print flats. I love outfits like this that are simple but still feel like I made an effort. My hair/makeup however I did not make an effort on, just wearing blush and straggly half straight hair whoo hooo.
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Oh and the best of my week?! All of you ;)


  1. Love the lace shirt!

    Good luck studying xo

  2. I love your Halloween-centric nails! Mine are currently the same color, but without the fancy tips. (I'm having a hard time letting go of October, and moving onto colder months...)

    Kara of Fancy That Vintage

  3. Cute! I love that cardigan! Have fun studying :)
    <3 Kastles

  4. This is a great simple look. I love the mustard cardigan with your lace top. Cute leopard print shoes too!

  5. Ooh, I'm loving the lace tank with the knit cardi! Such a cute combo... Plus I'm digging your woodland background, it's very romantic ;)

  6. I love the mustard cardigan, it looks perfectly warm and I love those sorts of buttons too :) Cute shoes :) xx

  7. love that lacey top and your cardi honey, operfect casual outfit

  8. So cute, I love this! Hope your soccer playing went well. Ahhh, I miss it. I played up until I was 16.


Thank you for the love!