Monday, November 28, 2011

Blogging and Body Image Part 2

First off, thank you for the comments on yesterday's post, I really enjoyed reading everyones opinions and concerns!!
So there may be a perpetuation of a thin ideal being presented to us through multiple media avenues including style blogs, but guess what? It’s not all bad news. I really love the blogging community and have met so many wonderful individuals through it. At the same time that there are negative things going on there are also positives as well. I always smile when I check my comments, each and everyone makes me feel great and majority of them are genuinely so supportive. Even when there’s a negative one in the batch, the amount of support these ladies pile out greatly outweighs the negative. While there are a lot of extremely thin successful bloggers, there are also those that are outside this ideal and more on the “average” side of things. Again I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with those who fit in this ideal, it’s the positive diversity we need, to know that just because you aren’t a certain size doesn’t mean you can’t be successful and have a positive blogging experience!
Since blogging is a much more public and open arena there are several people speaking out against this ideal. Opinion’s on issues such as this are of course going to be varied but just speaking about them is great. Gala Darling did an amazing two part post on bloggers opinions on how blogging affects their body image. I really enjoyed reading the opinions of readers and some very influential fashion bloggers. Gala often writes about “self-love” and it is such a great topic not just for bloggers but for everyone.
Recently there was also a “love your body day” through blogs and I really wish I would have been aware of it sooner because it’s such a wonderful thing to take part in. It’s important in the world of blogging for participants to be able to talk about their bodies in a positive way. There are so many times in our lives where we get so hard on ourselves and these views can be expressed through our blogs “I don’t like ___ about myself” “I feel fat”. Obviously we’ve all had days where we feel less than great (or far below) and it’s so easy to express that annoyance, but why are we so bad at expressing what we love? You rarely read anyone say “Yeah I was having a great bum day, it looked good” a lot of the comments go along the lines of “I think my bum looks huge in this”. But why not express when you’re feeling particularly good about something? And even on those days when you’re not, I bet picking out something you like will make you feel better than focusing on something you hate.
We are so fortunate to have a forum to be able to express our styles, and I would hope that everyone feels they are able to participate whether you’re a size two or size twelve. And that we should support each other, no matter what. I know vast majority of bloggers have never said anything negative to another blogger and that is wonderful. We all go through our ups and downs about being happy with our own personal bodies, I just hope that this can be a positive space with increasing diversity and positive messages being sent out.
Thank you for reading :D


  1. I've really enjoyed your two posts on Body image. Thanks so much for posting!

  2. These two posts were really great! There have been a few blogs that I read regulary that have mentioned body image and rude comments from readers that pointed out their so called flaws...and I find it crazy because I had never once noticed those "flaws" on these women. When I look at a fashion blog I'm looking at the outfit, how things are accessorized...colours....shapes (of clothes) and textures. The last thing I notice is a bloggers thicker legs or wider hips or whatever the so called body issue they have.
    Of course there are many blogs I've read that get me discouraged by how perfect the blogger looks...or how glamorous their life seems...or whatever!
    I remember reading an article not long ago about all the photo retouching that happens online with social media (mainly facebook and blogs). I think it's a bit sad that bloggers who are supposed to represent the "real women" are being pressured into this whole "perfect world". I even heard about a photo editor that shrinks the center pixels of a photo to make you look taller and thinner without distorting the image. That's CRAZY! I want to see all sorts of shapes, sizes, skin colour, hair colour etc when I'm reading blogs! I'm sure there are many people out there that do too.

    Sorry this is so long :)


    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  3. Great posts Jenna! I agree, why don't we point out things we like about ourselves instead of focusing on what we don't?

  4. Jenna, these past 2 posts were so well written and on a topic that is not discussed enough. No matter who you are, when you are "putting yourself out there" as you said and as we bloggers do, we get both positive and negative feedback-it is too bad that some people take the time to write something negative, but it is important as you said to love ourselves just as we are and let those negative comments go...focusing on the good not the bad is so a great way to go about it all :)
    xo Cara

  5. Aw this was a great post love. I've definitely talked about the issue of body image on my blog too and I think that it's important to get the message out...some people have very unrealistic expectations of what's "normal" or what bloggers "should" look like. And it bothers me haha. I think having a dialogue and being open and positive about it all is so important, so thank you for being brave and using your blog as a platform for this discussion!

    Hope your week is off to a good start love!

    Alexandra xo

  6. great posts. i've actually stopped reading a few of the "greats" because it was too perfect. i could no longer relate. i feel self-conscious a lot, but i have to say that i've met some really supportive people here, too.

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  7. Thank you for the comments ladies!! Having a discussion about these issues is so important just to get the message out!

  8. Yay! I wish you would have known about Love Your Body Day, too, but there's always next year! I really enjoy the last part of your post, here. Being negative towards your body happens not only online, but also in real life (of course). It really makes a difference when you hang out with someone who doesn't engage in the negative commentary on their bodies as opposed to someone who does. I had to spend a week straight with someone once who was SO negative toward their body, I almost lost my mind. Every other comment was negative. "Do I look fat in this?" "OMG, I'm such a heffer!" "Wow, my ass is huge." "I am so disgusting." "God, I need to lose weight so bad." It rubs off and puts everyone else in a foul mood! So yes, I am totally down with saying POSITIVE things about one's body! It may feel a bit cocky to someone just starting out, but I see it as confidence.

  9. This has been such an amazing 2-part series, Jenna! This is a topic that I often think about, but it definitely isn't discussed enough... Thanks for starting this discussion!

    I totally agree with everything you wrote, and I think it's so sad that this amazing platform for self expression and diversity is beginning to reflect traditional media and it's ideal view of beauty... Tall, thin successful bloggers are great and definitely have their place in the blogosphere, but so does everyone else!

    It's really sad that so many of us "real girls" putting ourselves out there are subjected to negative comments about our bodies... Fashion blogging is about style, creativity and inspiration, and I think more people would do well to remember that... We all need to encourage and support one another, after all, we're all in it together! XO

  10. This has really inspired me Jenna! I completely agree with everything you have said above. I have never said anything negative to another blogger and I never will! I don't mind giving them "advice" if they ask for it in their post, to do with the outfit etc but I would never say anything horrible. Off to read part one now :D xx

  11. As another girl who is on the short-ish end of average, I identify so much with what you've written in these two posts, for so many reasons. There are a plethora of tall, impossibly thin and incredibly successful bloggers, but I have found that on the whole, blogging embraces the style, the possibility, the genuine wonder of each individual as she is, however that may be, so much more than fashion magazines do... I've actually stopped buying magazines since I've started blogging.

    But that definitely doesn't mean that the blogging community is perfect. Nothing can be. We are all putting ourslves on display and at times that means that others will try to build themselves up by tearing us down. I'm always glad to read posts from bloggers acknowledging that fact, but also moving past it, like yours- taking the high ground and vowing to remain positive in spite of negativity that does exist. Go you! And just remember, you are so much more than your weight and measurements- you're a creative, inspiring and beautiful person and we all adore you :)

  12. Thanks for the feedback my lovelies!! You are all so smart and inspiring and I am glad you enjoyed reading my thoughts
    I think it is so important to be yourself and true to who you are, in everyday life and in blogging it's especially needed with all the feedback (good and bad) heading our way!
    @ Cee, You're such a doll, thank you :D
    @ Vickie, I am so glad to have met all you girls in Edmonton because I feel like theres so much support so close

  13. Thank you a million times over for writing these two posts...I am 5'2 about 135 and is it ever intimidating at times to put yourself out there. Sometimes I feel certain sites such as Chictopia, Weardrobe, etc are generally more geared towards the model types and that can be frustrating. I always love seeing other ladies who are my size .. b/c let's face it, many of the trends/styles out there are not ones I can pull off at my I always get so inspired by what the average or petite girl is wearing. Sometimes it's difficult to embrace my shorter, curvier size...but definitely something I continue to work on each day. This was a great bit of empowerment!!


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