Sunday, October 16, 2011

Best of the Week & Casual Sundays

This is just a casual look I wore studying this weekend! Something really comfortable for sitting in for a few hours. I really love this checkered top, decided to belt it with my swapped vest. Being comfortable is seriously key when you're sitting trying to cram your brain for hours on end, and this worked perfectly.
Outift: Checked top-Joe Fresh, Vest-Swapped, Pants-Mavi, Belt-H&M, Shoes-Payless, Necklace-F21
Best of the week:
When my super amazing friends suprise me with a new bicycle that they made me; When Duke tries to carry sticks bigger than he is; New nail polishes for fall; Fall colours; Relaxing weekends; Nature walks; My friends; My new bicycle of course; How a delicious latte makes studying seem so much better; Cleaning up my closet; Warm cozy sweaters and scarves; Spontaneous dinner dates with Bryce; Hot baths on chilly days;
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What was the best of YOUR week?


  1. cute and comfy, I love the vest belted over the gingham top!

    hey I was wondering if you have a specific area of study in Psychology? I almost did the psych major and am still really interested in the field :)


  2. First of all; perfect casual layering! You look cute. And Wow, your friends are so nice! The photo of you and duke and the bike is so sweet! <3 xx

  3. How great that your friends surprised you with a bike! That's awesome. And I love the pic of Duke riding along in the basket:)

  4. Wow, this is A LOT more stylish than what I wore to study this weekend: sweatpants. haha

  5. We are so happy you love the bicycle! It looks good with you! We will have to go for a ride soon when your midterms are all done. I love the photo with you & Duke in the basket.
    Great nail polish!

    Janelle xox

  6. I love that bike!!! It's super adorable and so old-school. I also love your hair. You have amazing, voluminous hair. So, so pretty.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Your friends made you a bike?! Those are pretty great friends! That is a pretty great bike! I find nothing dresses up denim like a button-up and you look so cute in that checked top!

  8. I'm diggin' your adorable study outfit, I must admit. Sounds like you had a rad week--that bike is incredible and your friends must rock.

  9. Love your layering lady, the outfit is really cute :) And what an amazing present, your bicycle looks perfect XX


Thank you for the love!