Friday, January 28, 2011

Soft Shock

Hey Everybody, this is what I wore to work yesterday! Work is going really well, I am just so sore and tired afterwards. I work with some great ladies, and it's been fun so far. AND we get first dibs on shoes when they come in. Ohh yes. I am pretty happy it's friday though! I think I get to start back at the gym tomorrow, however, no lifting weights with my bum arm still.
I think this is a fairly girly look for me. I felt very feminine in it, it's the small floral print on the dress and the fact that I wore my light pink cardigan. In Junior/High School I wasn't very feminine, I wore band tshirts and ripped jeans almost everyday, maybe once every 2 months I'd wear a skirt. In the last few years I feel like I've really gotten into my femininity, I still love leather and rocker looks, but I feel really great dressing in a "romantic" way. It just depends on my mood. And yesterday it was +7 and felt like spring! This outfit fit the mood perfectly. But I took these pictures in like 2 minutes before work, so sorry for the poor quality!



Dress & cardigan- F21
Shoes- Winners
Tights- H & M


  1. Your dress is so cute! You look fantastic in this outfit.

  2. Ive become a lot more girly since high school too, adolescence is always a weird time though :)
    I really love this dress with the pretty pink cardigan! The cardi looks so soft and cosy. Glad work is going well :)
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  3. the details of the dress, that it's bodice like are amazing. i love it, it's kind of unexpected bc it's a sweet floral. scars are sexy, haha! someone famous said that but i don't remember who...

  4. That necklace is so cool! Love the feminine look, seems to be what I veer towards now too!

  5. Your outfit's so cute. I really love the dress!

  6. The dress is really pretty :) I especially love it with the pink cardigan.
    p.s I adore your blog - am now following.

  7. First of all this dress is perfect! And I really like it with those soft colored cardigan!

  8. I love the contrast of the dark dress and tights with the light sweater...and I think this girly look is perfect!

  9. This looks is surprisingly girly for you... normally even in dresses you have a rocker edge. But it totally works. I adore that dress. One day you will have to teach me the patience that allows you to find such beautiful things at F21 :)


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