Monday, November 29, 2010

Stylish Blogger

A big thank you to Cee from Coco and Vera for nominating me for stylish blogger! She is lovely and such a stylish girl that it really is an honour. You should definatly check her out :) I also started this blog thinking no one would read it and to get this, because someone likes it that much!! So amazing. Thank you to everyone who reads this, you're all wonderful!
So, this is how this works, you say 7 things about yourself and nominate 7 blogs you love :)
Okay so here goes it, 7 things you may or may not have known about me:
1. My middle name is Stevie, which was my grandma's nickname. My dad wanted it to be my first name but my mom didn't, I personally think I could have pulled off being a Stevie
2. My camera is worth much more than my car, which is how it should be, I think
3. I have a congenital heart defect called a "coarctation of the aorta", I didn't find out about it until about 8 months ago, we have tried to have it fixed twice over the past summer (both failed miserably) and I am now awaiting open heart surgery.
4. I can out burp any man. Cute huh?
5. I have two bunnies, who are fantastic. I've had one for 6 years and the other for 5, they are my children.
6. I have an 27 year old brother and a 16 year old brother. Growing up it was mostly me and a bunch of boys, which explains why I get along so well with boys. Oh and my older brother is an opera singer!
7. I worked at a hardware store for 3 years, and just quit this past may

This is our favorite face to make!
Some stylish bloggers that I love:
3. Adventures in Fashion (Edmonton blogger!)
4. Chesterfield (another, Edmonton blogger yay!)


  1. Thanks Jenna!! You could totally have been a Stevie for sure :)

  2. Awe thanks!! I worked at a home hardware which turned into a Rona a year after I started!

  3. :O thanks for nominating me, made my day :).
    i love reading these random facts. i've worked in a hardware store too, sort of still do on a casual basis. makes it sound seedy saying it that way. cute photo.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  4. Aw shucks, thanks Jenna! You're so sweet to think of me :)



  5. I work at Rona now! haha That is too funny!!


  6. You totally could have pulled off being a Stevie... but as someone with an unusual first name AND last name, I have to say, I envy your Jenna :) I loved reading this- can't believe your brother is an opera singer!


Thank you for the love!